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SturmanBG, LLC has been designing and manufacturing innovative low pressure valve applications in Colorado since 1997.  The founders of Sturman BG, LLC, Eddie Sturman and Benjamin Grill, have been friends and business partners for over 40 years.  Together, they have developed some of the world's best fluid control applications.

In 1999, Sturman BG, LLC started to manufacture and market their well known product, Tap-A-Draft.  Used to maintain and dispense carbonated beverages through use of patented technology, Tap-A-Draft was developed for home brewers and for those wanting to "take home" their favorite beverage from their local micro-breweries.  In 2007, Tap-A-Draft was noticed by those at Coors as being a leading technology in the industry.  Sturman BG, LLC agreed to license their patented technology to MillerCoors and is now being used in their home draft units worldwide.

In 2011, Benjamin Grill and Eddie Sturman were given the honor of the Celebrate Technology Award "Inventor of the Year" for their Tap-A-Draft product.  This is a annual award given within the Pikes Peak Region of Colorado.
Celebrate Technology "Inventor of the Year" 2011