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In 1999, Sturman BG, LLC started to manufacture and market their well known product, Tap-A-Draft.  Used to maintain and dispense carbonated beverages through use of patented technology, Tap-A-Draft was developed for home brewers and for those wanting to "take home" their favorite beverage from their local micro-breweries.  In 2007, Tap-A-Draft was noticed by those at Coors as being a leading technology in the industry.  Sturman BG, LLC agreed to license their patented technology to MillerCoors and is now being used in their home draft units worldwide.

Sturman BG, LLC continues to manufacture their reusable Tap-A-Draft System for use with beer, wine, margaritas, sodas, and other mixed and soft drinks.

How Does It Work?

Tap-A-Draft uses patented technology and food-grade cartridges to help keep your beverages fresh and dispensing properly.  As your drink is poured through the Tap-A-Draft System, gas is allowed to enter the bottle to maintain the pressure in the container.  For carbonated beverages like beer and soda, using CO2 cartridges, the Tap-A-Draft System keeps the level of carbonation accurate and the taste fresh.  Using Nitrous or Argon cartridges with wine will create a barrier to help prevent oxidization of the beverage.

The latest model of Tap-A-Draft uses one 16-gram cartridge to maintain and dispense one 6-liter bottle of your favorite beverage.

For more information regarding our Tap-A-Draft System, please visit our FAQs page.