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Tap-A-Draft Dispenser:Single16-gram Model
Patented tap used to maintain freshness and dispense your favorite beverage.  Great for many types of beverages, including home brew, microbrew, wine, margaritas, sodas, and many more.
Pack of 16-gram CO2 Cartridges
Pack of qty. 6 16-gram CO2 Cartridges for use with Single 16-gram Tap-A-Draft System.  One cartridge will dispense a full 6-L Tap-A-Draft Bottle in most cases.    
 $8.78 USD

Pack of 8-gram CO2 Cartridges
Pack of qty. 10 8-gram CO2 cartridges for use with the two 8-gram Tap-A-Draft Model.  Two cartridges will dispense a full 6-L Tap-A-Draft Bottle in most cases.
 $6.27 USD
6-Liter Brown Bottle (approximately 1.5 gallons).
6-L brown bottle comes with standard cap.    
 $7.51 USD
Repair Kit for two 8-gram Tap-A-Draft Model
Repair Kit includes inlet tubing with weight, outlet tubing, bottle seal, 2 CO2 seal washers, and instructions.
 $3.30 USD
Molded Cap
Molded Cap with bottle seal.    
 $1.90 USD
Molded Cap with Pressure Relief Valve
Molded Cap with bottle seal and built-in pressure relief valve.  Recommended for use for home brewers who will be priming and fermenting their brew in the Tap-A-Draft 6-L bottle.
$3.10 USD 
Adapter for 5-L Mini Keg
Adapter to use Tap-A-Draft dispenser with a 5-L mini keg.  Adapter fits into standard bung on mini-keg.  Bung not included.    
 $7.76 USD
Replacement Tubing Assembly
Replacement inlet tubing assembly with weight, and outlet tubing piece.  For use with all model Tap-A-Draft Systems.
 $2.75 USD
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